Animals in Soap

Animals in Soap


Make hand washing and bath time an adventure! All our Toy in a Soap animal friends come with their own names adding a splash of personality to your bath time routine. Great for story telling and encouraging hand washing with kids too! tHE gentle and skin kind vegetable based glycerin soap is gentle enough for even the smallest hands. 100% Vegan Friendly, Hand Made, Cruelty Free. Instructions: Lather over the body, rinse well, avoid contact with the eyes. For external use only. Do not eat. Not suitable for children under 3. 

The Soap Story products are made with extra special vegan / vegetable and plant based ingredients. We don’t make soap for the sake of making soap. We make soap that is extra kind. Soap that looks different and smells amazing. Soap with essential oils. Soap that makes you happy. The packaging is locally and sustainably sourced. Toy in Soap packaging pods is made from post consumer recycled plastic that is wide recyclable in your kerbside recycling bin.  - Made in the UK


Hugo the Hippo Toy in a soap - "Hugo" he is so handsome and he's just about had enough of today, so he's having a relaxing wallow in his soap filled tub!

Our Hippo is floating in a rich in vegetable glycerin based soap, with a fresh blue oceanic fragrance - a small reminder of a day at the beach!


Percy the Puffer Fish Toy in a soap -  "Percy" he is mega cute and always looks surprised - which is probably why he's always puffed up!

Our Pufferfish is floating in a rich in vegetable glycerin based soap, with an ALLERGEN FREE fresh, exotic watermelon fragrance.


Waddles the Penguin Toy in a soap makes body and hand washing fun! Plus it's perfect as a gift! Waddles just just can't wait for all that washing to be done, so he can be freed from the solid soap.

The fragrance is a sweet, natural coconut. 

The white soap itself is a rich in vegetable glycerin based soap to give a pleasant, soft skin feel.


Sloth Toy in soap makes body and hand washing a fun adventure and it's perfect as a gift for anyone that needs a smile.

She's just taking some time from her lazy schedule to chill while floating in a rich in vegetable glycerin based soap, with a soft, warm and comforting fragrance.


Llama Toy in a soap  - Hes a lively little fella with a colourful blanket - he's always up for a laugh!

Our Llama is wading in a rich in vegetable glycerin based soap, with a sweet, sherbety, fruity fragrance.


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