Zeolite Wound Balm

Zeolite Wound Balm

Application on wounds, bite, dermatitis, mud scabies, burns, abscesses, allergic rashes and other skin irritations. 

The zeolite particularly suitable for skin inflammation. Wound, burn, cut, abscess, mud scab, crevices, bites, cuts, scarring of wounds, sunburns.

Use in dogs, cats, horses, Small  and farm animals.

Thoroughly clean the wound in case of heavy contamination. To avoid contamination of the ointment, hands should be washed thoroughly after each application. 

If the wound is very dirty, pre-clean it thoroughly.

Apply 2 to 3 times a day until healing.

The licking of the product is harmless to dogs and other pets.

Made in France

Capacity - 50 mL

Ingredients - Shea butter, Calendula macerate, Coconut oil, Calendula extract, Natural zeolite, candelilla wax. 

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