Alpaca - José

Alpaca - José

José is a unique 33 cm high alpaca with brown ultra-soft, long, natural baby alpaca hair.

This is definitely the softest plush you've ever touched! In fact, baby alpaca is one of the world's silkiest and most prestigious natural fibres that comes from the parts of the adult animal where the hair is the finest and softest.

José will delight anyone who receives him with his softness and warmth without equal. You'll feel as if you're cuddling a real alpaca in a scale model. 

It is hypoallergenic and even perfect for the most sensitive skin. 

Our cuddly toys also have their own stories. You'll receive José with his, which is listed on his BellePaga birth certificate and includes the main features listed below.

Let yourself be captivated by the delicacy of alpaca. 

These fluffy bundles are all handmade, so may vary slightly.

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