Each product will have a click box  to take you to more information on that product or range of products, Please check these pages  out, There is a lot  important stuff will be on the product page.  Ingredients and FAQs on the products, size guides, extra information about the item or brand.  

Also this page shows the country of manufacturer.  Some products may be of a mixed source,(i.e packaging, most packaging raw materials is made in the EU, but printed in the UK) I have left it as the country of manufacturer for the main make up of the product/brand).  If you do need further information please ask.


We are trying to be as responsible as possible with our packaging and products, so if you wish any plastic packaging to be removed we are happy to do this and reuse or recycle,  Please just leave a note and we will remove as much as we can.

We try were possible to reuse or buy packaging with good credentials, such as FSC, or printers that use/are Carbon Balanced.  There are still a few products that are not perfect, but as and when they come available we will move to the option that is better for the planet.


We attempt to buy quality products that last, no single use of cheap throw away items.  Some of the products that come in single use containers, can come in handy, washed out you can use them for storing small items, treats etc, but if you do decide to bin it, please recycle were you can.

We try and source all our products from the UK, but we do buy from the EU and USA, but we try and support small artisan companies or buy via UK distributors.