Kompact9 Ball Thrower

Technical Details:

Item Weight                       135g 
Extended Length             
Retracted Length             
Item Material           
  Recycled AB

Safety Notice: Please ensure all children are supervised when using our dog ball launcher. Veterinary advice is to limit excessive ball thrower use until your dog is fully grown and to make ball throwing part of a balanced exercise routine for your dog. 

How far can it throw compared to a normal dog ball thrower?

We haven’t done any formal comparative studies and cannot 100% say it throws further.  But we’ve used a lot of dog ball throwers over the years and we think it throws at least as far, if not further, than most. This is because the ball cup is designed to release the ball with greater ease and expend less energy. Our resident rocket scientist tells us that this means you can throw it further. The formula is available on request.

Does the dog ball thrower need a specific ball?

It is designed for use with a standard tennis ball but others may work as well

Does the ball thrower really fit in your pocket?

The ball thrower fits in most coat pockets (we tried 8 different brands).  It won’t fit in the back pocket of your jeans, but will fit in a backpack, bum bag, handbag or your “big coat” pocket. And, of course, with the hygiene cover, dog slobber on your stuff is consigned to the pages of history. Thankfully.

How long will the dog ball thrower last?

In dog years we reckon it will make it to 100. Our ball thrower has been designed to last the distance with your dog but, like all things, it needs looking after and should be put away inside after use. Being made from recycled plastics, along with the retractable design means it's inherently not as robust as a standard ball thrower. We liken it to a smart phone whereas a standard ball thrower is a brick phone. Your smart phone does a lot more but if you threw it around like a brick phone it would likely not last very long!

Plastics generally don’t like temperatures below freezing as they become more brittle, and they also don’t like very high temperatures (e.g. a car left in the sun for days).  We recommend storing your ball thrower inside to protect the colour and its longevity.

Is everything really recycled?

Absolutely. This was arguably our number one driver when we began the design phase. We worked very hard to make a ball thrower made completely from recycled plastic.  We trawled the world to find a bag supplier who could not only provide a bag made from recycled plastic bottles, but one that was ethically made.  And, finally, we deliver our dog ball thrower in a recycled or FSC certified box.
For the purpose of full and frank disclosure, we do ship or air freight the bags from China and dispatch our throwers to our distribution warehouse by truck. But, wherever possible, we bulk buy and batch ship to reduce the number of air, ship and road journeys.

Can I wash the bag?

We recommend sponge washing the inside of the bag with warm water and detergent and leaving it to dry naturally.  In theory the bag can be washed at 30 degrees centigrade on a delicate wash, but theory is sometimes not the friend of practice. So we wouldn’t recommend it.