Nomadic Lamps

Nomadic Lamps

Innovation and design for our Passe-Partout nomadic lamps  - Made in France

Specially designed for children, (though they lok equally as good in any adults room) Passe-Partout accompanies your little ones in all their adventures in complete safety and gently watches over their sleep.

Rechargeable very easily with the USB cable provided, it turns into a night light for babies and the little ones, a lamp to read, a wall lamp, or an adventurer's torch to discover the world without fear of finding yourself in the dark or nightmares! 

Protecting your children's eyes

Its "diffuser-protective dome" avoids direct eye contact with the light source, thus limiting the risk of glare. Equipped with 4 yellow LEDs (with a lifespan of 25,000 hours) with low blue light density (- 20%). This lamp illuminates enough to read or move around at night without dazzling.

It quickly becomes essential during nocturnal awakenings or in shared rooms or bunk beds so that everyone uses their light at their own pace without waking the other.

Nomad, it can even come on holiday with you and be used in the car without dazzling the driver or the sleeping little brother...

A stand-alone lamp

Passe-Partout can be used in total autonomy thanks to its rechargeable battery lasting 15 hours in nightlight power and more than 5 hours in e-reader power.

From the age of 3, your child can use it by simply turning his handle on the two notches of different light powers.

After an hour, the light gradually decreases until it turns off on its own. Your children are thus totally autonomous...

Tip: To turn it into a night light and that the light stays all night, just put it on!

A suitable base

Do you want to turn Passe-Partout into a bedside lamp? Nothing could be easier: combine the lamp with its adapted beech base! 

An eco-responsible lamp

Passe-partout is a Responsible child lamp, it is designed in an eco-responsible approach: we work primarily with local suppliers, the wood of the handle comes from sustainably managed forests (PEFC Label / 10-31-1058) and the lamp is assembled in a solidarity workshop. A gift that will please both children and parents!

The box containing a pretty 5-in-1 rechargeable nomadic lamp accompanies your children from birth to 12 years and over. Depending on the moment or desire it turns into a bedside lamp with the pretty base, a wall lamp with the hook, a night light, an e-reader, or a flashlight. Everything is allowed in a flash by turning the handle and its soft light illuminates you.

Currently we have 6 Styles in stock.

Tropical with Red/Pink Collarnomat.pngTropical with Blue Collarnomat2.png
Koalanomadic-lamp-box-goes-everywhere-baby-love-koalas-zue-6.jpgRabbit on Bikenomadic-lamp-box-goes-everywhere-rabbit-a-bike-1.jpg

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