Petra Cat Cave - Silver

Petra Cat Cave - Silver

Petra Cave is the perfect hideaway to relax or play.
As an alternative to its oval shape, the Petra Cave can be flattened and used as a bed, because the versatility of wool allows it to adapt.

This simple lines design will give a touch of class to any home.
Ideal for cats or small pets.

GIFT linen bag and game ball with each unit.

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• Dye: Chemical free. Safe for children and pets.

• Care: Vacuum or use a lint remover roll. Remove stains with a damp cloth. Washing by hand or machine is not recommended as wool can lose its properties.

• Note: Each cave is unique, individually handcrafted, therefore measurements may vary slightly.


Length 45 cm x Width 40 cm x Height 30 cm (inlet ∅16 cm)

Net weight

1,5 Kg


100% natural wool felt


MISHUM products are made from New Zealand sheep wool, which is considered the best of its kind worldwide for its purity and whiteness.

Virgin sheep wool is carefully dyed using natural dyes, thus respecting the environment. In this way, the percentage of wool fat (lanolin, the natural oil of felt) is left in high quantities. The effect of lanolin gives all MISHUM products water and stain repellent properties.

The pieces are created using an ancient technique called wet felting. The fibers of the wool are softened using soap and water. With friction, the scales eventually split open and become entangled. As they dry, they shrink and bond tightly with each other. Using the wet felt technique, MISHUM follows a centuries-old artisan tradition. The result is a material that is remarkably tear resistant and easy to clean, making it excellent for pets. In addition, wet felt is an ecological, sustainable and 100% biodegradable fabric.

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