Billie The Giraffe - 70cm

Billie The Giraffe - 70cm

Extra Large GIRAFFE 70cm, in ultra-soft velvet, my companion for fooling around and also for big naps. On his arm, two little friends are also on the trip, Around his neck a camera in which there is a big bell. In his hands, there is velcro to hang the giraffe around his neck and go for a walk.

MIXED AWARENESS PLUSH, through the different materials and colors used in our giraffe, we offer the little ones a toy that will awaken their touch, sight and hearing. In the neck of the giraffe hides a big POUET POUET, by pressing its neck we hear the sound which amuses the little ones a lot! In its paws there is rustling paper, the underside shines with this silver jersey.

MULTI-AWAKENING, Small parts like horns and ears are all easy to grab, which will help your baby develop muscle coordination, the slender arms and legs are also designed to make it easier for the baby to hold it. Subsequently, the very soft Big Giraffe like the whole JUNGLE BOOGIE collection will offer a whole poetic universe with which the very young will invent and imagine new stories.

MACHINE WASHABLE SEPARATELY AT 30°, COMPLIANT WITH EUROPEAN STANDARDS, EBULOBO in PARIS develops toys suitable for toddlers in full compliance with European standards. In constant collaboration with the largest laboratory, all our creations are validated by conformity tests before being placed on the market.

Made in China

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